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Home theater seating bass shaker systems give you bass you can feel in your bones. Tactile transducers create low-frequency sound waves in tandem with music and films that can be felt from the ground up. Used by leading movie theaters and musicians around the world, these fun additions enhance every movie or gaming experience, literally making you feel like you're part of the action. Our tactile transducers and amplifiers are the perfect addition for any man cave or bachelor pad entertainment room.

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Bass Shaker Systems

For the ultimate in home entertainment technology, add bass you can feel in your bones to your home theater. Bass shaker systems use tactile transducers that resonate at very low-frequencies, delivering vibrations to your chair in coordination with the movie you're watching or the game you are playing. Feel every explosion, earthquake and drumbeat.

Tactile Transducers

We carry tactile transducers from top brands ButtKicker and Earthquake. These little devices use sub-sonic sound to vibrate your theater or gaming seat. You can't hear them, but you'll feel them in your bones. Choose from our selection of small, but powerful models or mighty, earthshaking models. Don't forget to pick up an amplifier to power your tactile transducer.


Amplifiers are a necessary part of your bass shaker system. They deliver power to your tactile transducers. One amplifier can power multiple tactile transducers. Explore our selection of specialized ButtKicker and Earthquake amplifiers to find the right option for your home theater seating.

Mounting Accessories

We offer mounting kits for your tactile transducers complete with a mounting plate, rubber isolators, mounting hardware and a wrench. Our kits make it easy to attach your tactile transducer to your home theater seating. Home Theater Gear also sells mounting components separately, so you can get exactly what you need.


Our All-In-One-Kits make setting up your bass shaker system a cinch. Kits come with everything you need to operate and install a tactile transducer, including the tactile transducer itself. The ButtKicker Game 2 Tactile Transducer Kit is great for gamers. Attach it to an office–style chair with a center post to feel the special effects in your games and movies. The powerful ButtKicker LFE Tactile Transducer Kit works excellently with our sofas & sectionals, or connect it to a theater riser platform.