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Popcorn and concessions are like the icing on the cake for your home entertainment room. No theater is complete without popcorn, hot dogs, snacks, and snow cones, and we've got everything you need for the perfect concession stand. In addition to popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone flavoring, and other snacks, we carry all the equipment you need to prepare these tasty treats. We also offer a huge selecting of serving utensils and supplies, so you'll feel like you're really at the theater when you sit down with your big bucket of popcorn.

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Popcorn and Concessions

For an authentic cinema experience at home, put a concession stand in your home theater. Give your guests everything they expect from a commercial cinema. We have all you need to set up a real concession stand, including traditional theater-style popcorn machines, hotdog steamers and grills, food warmers, cotton candy machines, sno-cone machines, and nacho fixings. We have all the accessories and ingredients you need to get your home concession stand started today!


Impress your guests by putting a theater-style popcorn machine in your home cinema. We have 38 different styles of popcorn machine for you to choose from. From simple to ornate, modern to retro, our popcorn machines are a great contribution to your home theater decor and entertainment experience. Don't forget to pick out a stand to go with your machine. Give your guests the real theater experience by handing them freshly popped popcorn in a convenient theater-style popcorn bag or bucket. Shop our selection of perfectly portioned popcorn packs, bulk popping oils and delicious toppings.

Hot Dogs

Whether you are feeding a crowd or providing your family with the real theater experience at home, our hot dog machines and accessories will help you entertain. We have roller grills and steamers that cook a large quantity of hot dogs to perfection and keep them warm until you are ready to eat. Home theater gear carries all the necessary accessories for your hot dog concession stand, including tongs, tong holders, and convenient hot dog bags for serving.


Easily prepare theater-style nachos in your home with our professional quality nacho equipment. We have chips, cheese and an assortment of warmers, ladles and other accessories. Our selection of food warmers and nacho supplies is a great solution for anyone who needs to feed a crowd at the beach, the park, a community event, birthday parties or in their home theater.

Cotton Candy

Home Theater Gear's cotton candy machines add a touch of Americana to your home theater, birthday parties, fiestas, cookouts and events. Both grownups and kids will love our variety of cotton candy flavors. Impress your friends and family with this sweet treat.

Snow Cones

Cool off quickly with a snow cone machine in your own backyard or home theater. Our professional Paragon Sno-cone machines are reliable and easy to use. We also carry stands to hold and display your snow cone machine, and all the accessories you need including snow cone syrup, pumps, straws and cups.